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Our soap is handmade in small batch, 15 bars of soap or less and packed with natural, raw ingredients that are great for your skin. We use only natural ingredients that have been carefully researched and selected to provide specific properties in my products. All of our bars contain certified organic and fair trade ingredients, beneficial, therapeutic essential oils, healing botanical extracts and sustainably mined clays.

You will never find any manufactured colors or scents in our soap. All of our ingredients are clearly listed on the label. We use organic ingredients whenever possible. We say this because some ingredients are not available as certified organic or some such as essential oils are cost prohibitive in the amounts that we need. Most of the soap that we make is 100% natural and 98% organic.


We never test on animals, at least the furry kind. We have never had a shortage of human test subjects!

Packaging is made from 100% recycled paper.


This ingredient list is for your information only. It is not intended for use as medical advice. The healing properties in the oils, clays and essential oils have not been substantiated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

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